Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Let Your Hair Down

Growing up, I watched was and fascinated with Disney princess movies. One thing that they gave me was an unrealistic expectation of my hair. Every princess had a flawless complexion and gorgeous locks. But let's be real. Those are cartoons and no one can have flowing hair like those princesses. Let's take a look at some of those extremely unrealistic expectations:

Snow White: She runs through the triply forrest, with all those creepy trees "attacking" her. She trips and stumbles and eventually falls in sobs. She just lays on the ground, crying, and when she looks up is her hair a mess and tangled with leaves and twigs? Of course not! It looks just as good when she gets married as it does then! She never even runs her fingers through her hair.

Cinderella: She wakes up to little birdies singing in her ear and she gets up with horrible bed head. And the birds and mice are all screaming because it is terrifying! Ehh... Wrong. Her hair is perfect. She gets out of bed, "brushes" her hair like twice and takes a shower. Then she comes out, with her hair still looking beautiful, and ties her hair up with a ribbon. Now have you ever tried tying your hair with a ribbon? It's impossible! When I attempt to tie my hair I need a hair tie, bobby pins, lots of hairspray, and the ribbon. And even after all of that it still wont stay. When Cindy does it, it stays perfectly while she cleans and cries.

Pocahontas: A Native American girl, who most definitely does not own a hair brush, runs around the woods, painting with the colors of the wind along side her humming bird and raccoon friends. And her hair is never knotted or tangled. 'Nuff said. And speaking of tangled...

Rapunzel: Her hair is what, twenty plus feet long? She drags her hair behind her the entire movie. She swings from limbs and hides in it. The movie is called Tangled! And she never once stops and untangles it?

Pretty much all the princesses have flawless locks, but of course they are characters in a cartoon. But there are some major hair icons out there who are not two-dimensional. Here are some of my hair idols.

Connie Britton- gorgeous red hair. I've always wanted red hair, but alas my hair does not like to dyed and washes out within two weeks... But Connie definitely rocks her locks!


Lana Parilla: She is obviously my woman crush. She even inspired my drastic hair cut my junior year of high school. But she owns the short cut!

Source- StyleBistro
Source- Tumblr

And I absolutely love anything vintage and I love Turner Classic Movies. That is where I was introduced to Esther Williams who is my other hair icon. Practically anyone from that era is my hair icon just because I love all of their hair styles. But Esther's hair is always perfect, even after a swim!

Source- Media

Gotta love hair! But sometimes I wanna pull a Britney Spears and just shave my head and wear wigs the rest of my life. :) 

Monday, October 28, 2013

ACU's Les Misérables Review

On Sunday, October 20th, I had the pleasure of attending Abilene Christian University Theatre Department's production of Les Misérables. I was blown away. Jean Val Jean's voice was amazing; nothing short of perfect. He had a very impressive tenor voice, but was still able to hit those low notes with such power and passion.
The overall cast was astounding; the 50 plus cast members made up a powerful ensemble to help tell this story of struggle and grace. There were a few moments that I could not understand the lyrics, but it didn't help that their mics were fading in and out throughout the entire show. Fantine had a strong voice, but I felt that she could have been more powerful during "I Dreamed a Dream". She basically just sat down through the song. I feel that if she was so overcome with emotion, she would be moving a lot more, trying to figure out what to do with her life and how she will provide for Cosette now. At least look up! But that's just my opinion. She did a great job, though and you could understand her very well. Gavrache was so adorable and very enthusiastic, but unfortunately I could barley understand what he was saying. I know that he was probably under the age of ten and you could tell that they worked a lot on the accent, but I think they should have focused on articulation and punctuation. He really did a great job and was the epitome of street rat! He was in everyone's business and weaved his way through the crowds, getting in their way.

I have to say that my favorite character was Éponine. She had a powerful and moving voice. She has always been my favorite character. She's a strong character who gave up her life for the one she loved, even though she knew  he would never love her back. The girl who played Éponine blew me away. You could feel her pain in her songs. She was always in the moment.

The set and lighting was beautiful, the costumes were good, and the blocking was fluid. Everything flowed so beautifully. The cast and crew did a fantastic job and they should be extremely proud of their production. Congrats to all of them!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This Room is for Two?

Being a college student (which is still weird, but exciting to say), I have to deal with the normalities of college life. Adjusting to class schedule. Community bathrooms, which are not as bad as everyone thinks. Cafeteria food, but thankfully our "World Famous Bean" is pretty good... And roommates. 

I was pretty excited and nervous about rooming with someone I didn't know. It was like a guaranteed friend, right? In my case, NO. It's not that we hate each other or that we just don't  get along, we don't even talk! It's still awkward walking into my own living quarters to see this other person sitting on the opposite bed. Our conversations are very shallow and surface level; "Hi, how was your day?" "Good, what about yours?" "Good." That's pretty much the extent of our communication, unless it's about an assignment for a class. Pretty exciting, isn't it?!

I had all of these plans that we would stay up late talking about our lives and feeling that we've known each other for ages. I imagined that we would both wander around campus together, two little fishies trying to make it through the first week of college. I thought we would get up together and go eat breakfast and talk until we had to part ways and go to our 8am classes. I know that it might be foolish to think that my college best friend would be delivered through going pot-luck, and I told myself that. But deep in the back of my mind, I believed that would happen.

Don't get me wrong, I like my roommate. She's really nice and we both are very respectful of each other's spaces, but I just wish we had a deeper relationship. The good thing is that we both try and go to bed early, which I love, because I need my beauty sleep! And since we aren't always talking, I am able to do my homework in my room. Which is good, because I am pretty much acing all of my classes. So there have been some good things that have come out of this awkward situation. I am truly thankful that we do not hate each other or talk behind each others back because I have heard so many girls trash talk their roomies and complain about hating them. I think that is so awful! I'd rather be in my room than have any of those relationships.

I will continue through this next semester and learn from this first year. I will try and change the things I don't like and be grateful for the things I do like. Maybe I'll meet my next roommate in one of my classes or perhaps I've already met her! No matter what may come, I will be in charge of the outcome. I will not just sit and complain without trying to do something about it! We all are in control of our lives, so do something about it.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Surviving the Rainy Days

This past week has been extremely dreary. I love the incoming cold weather, I just wish it wasn't accompanied by rain. But it's not really rain as it is just cold wetness over campus and the rest of the city. If it was a little warmer and wet, that'd be fine. If it was cold and dry, that'd be even better. But no, it has to be cold and wet at the same time! But I guess that's okay because Texas needs the moisture and  the coldness just mean that fall is here.

There are so many things that I want to do on a rainy day! And none of them include going to an 8am class. That's the struggle of a college student. Here are some ways to survive the rainy days:

1. Put on your cute rain boots and have your umbrella handy. Every girl loves to compare rain boots. we can't help but squeal, "Oh! Those are soooo cute, where did you get them!" because we can never have enough.

2. Bundle up! Even though it might not be freezing outside, the rain just seems to make the temperature feel like it's below zero. Plus if you get your outer layer wet, you can always shed it and let it dry until you venture out again.

3. Grab your favorite Starbucks drink, or whatever you prefer. Although I love me some Starbucks, I will forever be a hot chocolate fan! I always have a mug on hand during the cold, rainy weather. And it keeps me feeling warm.

4. I always want to snuggle up in a huge blanket and read a book. Outside. I don't really know why, but I do. So I would grab a book, preferably one of the Harry Potter classics or one that I was reading for class, and I would grab my favorite fluffy purple blanket and pillow pet and head outside to our front porch. I would lie down on our front porch swing and get cozy and all snuggled up. I would listen to the rain while reading and swinging on the porch. Of course, you don't have to go outside, but you should find a good book and get comfy!

5. Movies. Movies are always a good idea. Get a few of your friends together and have a mini-movie marathon. I've really enjoyed watching movies on dreary days because they kind of take you out of the rainy world and take you to the world of movies. Chick flicks are a good ideas; a few rom-coms and maybe add a classic like The Breakfast Club. Just don't forget the popcorn and chocolate!

6. And if you are really lucky and have the time... Sleep! Sleeping in on those days where it's almost impossible to get out of bed is one of the best feelings. Especially when you've been lacking in that area.

These are just a few of the many great ways to survive a rainy day. Of course when it's warmer, its always fun to run and "play" in the rain, just like in the good ole days!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Strong Women, Inspiring Girls: Ep 2

Malala Yousafzai is known as the young girl from Pakistan who was shot point blank by a Taliban gunman, all because she believes in education for all and women's rights (a year ago this week). It is only by God that she survived. She is a very wise and well spoken young women. She is the youngest person ever to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (2013).

When asked where her love and passion of education come from, she replied "We are human beings...We don't learn the importance of anything until it's snatched from our hands..." She said that the moment when she was stopped from going to school she realized how important education was and that it was power for women. She believes that the Taliban is afraid of educated women because they will become more powerful. When she learned that the Taliban was after her, she wasn't afraid for her own life, but for the life of her father. What a selfless thing to think! You just have to listen to her remarkable response when Jon Stewart asked her what she thought after she learned about the threat to her life. She said at first she thought she would try and fight back by hitting them with her shoe, but then she said very wisely, "If I hit them and try to fight back, then there is no difference between me and the gunman. I would be just as cruel as the Taliban. So I would tell him how important education is and why we need it. I would tell him how much I wanted his children to be educated. Then I would say 'That's what I wanted to tell you, now do what you want to me." (paraphrase, and no where near as powerful as hearing her say it).

Rebelle Society

After she was attacked, Malala remained in critical condition. But God has a purpose for her, so she pulled through. When she had recovered, she spoke out and stood up for the issue that got her shot. She stood up and said "I am Malala." She was not afraid to tell the Taliban that she was back and she was ready to continue her fight.

Being as blessed as we are, Americans often take education and freedom for granted. We gripe and complain about going to school, (most of us for free!), and we skip classes and fall asleep during lectures. We are so spoiled when it comes to school. We have no idea what it is like for people across the world, who beg to go to school and become educated. Like Malala said, "We don't learn the importance of anything until it is snatched from our hands."

It is time for us to stand up for what we believe in. We need to join in the fight. Whatever it might be, we need to be proactive and not just wait around for someone else to do your job. Stand up and say "I am Malala".


Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Fall!

Fall is probably my favorite season for a lot of reasons. I love the weather! It's chilly enough for sweaters, but you don't turn into a popsicle every time you walk out the door. I love the cool crisp air that blows and rustles through the leaves, causing one or two of them to break off and slowly drift to the ground. I like pumpkins and hay bales, cinnamon and vanilla. I like to decorate for fall. Scarecrows and fall wreaths. I love the fall garlands on the mantle above the fire place.

But my absolute favorite parts of fall are the holidays! Halloween and Thanksgiving.
Halloween is fun because of all the anticipation of that one night where you could dress up and run around with your friends. Eat candy all night while watching scary movies. I love to hear all the kids running and laughing throughout the neighborhoods, without a care in the world.

Then there's Thanksgiving.
Family. Football. And Food. I absolutely love Thanksgiving. I love the smells of Thanksgiving. The turkey that's been cooking for what seems like days, the pumpkin and pecan pies. Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes. Green beans, corn, stuffing and dressing, gravy. And my personal favorite, homemade rolls! I love Thanksgiving because it is a time of family. We all gather around the fireplace, squish on couches and chairs, lie on the floor. We catch up with one another, sharing new stories as well as the old ones. Mostly the old stories, but with a new twist; something that has been added on since last years telling. Then the moment we've all been waiting for, Nana announces from the kitchen, "Okay everything's ready, let's eat!" And we all go into the crowded kitchen. We huddle around the table, grabbing hands and my dad offers to pray. We are so blessed to be living where we are, and we take it for granted daily. Sure there are some things that we are not happy with, but we are safe and we are together. We are healthy and we are fortunate. We are free to celebrate and pray and worship. We are so blessed.

This coming fall, I am going to enjoy the weather and the fellowship. But I am also going to strive to always be grateful and thank God that I am blessed.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Hold On To Your "Glee"

I just watched the latest Glee episode, and I was bawling the entire time. For those of you who don't know, Cory Monteith, who played Finn Hudson, passed away this summer. He was one of the stars of the show and, of course, the teen heartthrob of Glee. Unfortunately, he had a drug problem and it got the better of him. But we shouldn't let that one mistake define who he was. In the show, they had to address the elephant in the room, "Where was Finn?" (WARNING SOME SPOILERS)  They began the episode with "Seasons of Love" from the musical, Rent.  They never answer how Finn had died, but his step-brother, Kurt, said it best, "Everyone wants to talk about how he died too, but who cares? One moment in his whole life- I care more about how he lived."

That is how we should remember everyone who has gone on before us. We should not spend all of our time grieving over the way someone has died. Instead we should be celebrating the life that they had. The memories that they had left behind. We need to hold onto our glee, because that's all we have. Throughout this episode, I noticed a phrase that kept appearing. "I should have..." I should have hugged him more. I should have told him that he was a good person. I should have thanked him. I should have. I wish I had. Why didn't I?

These thoughts always occur after a loved one has passed. So why haven't we learned to hug more, cherish the moment, and say what's really on our mind? We think we think we have all the time in the world, but we are not even promised tomorrow. Principal Sue was talking with Santana when she said that she thought that they [Finn and herself] would be teaching together for 30 years. She was imaging herself always teasing and tormenting him in the future, but now, "it's just so pointless." There is no tomorrow for Finn.

I had a really hard time watching this episode because I knew that all of those tears are real. Those are real people grieving the real death of a real friend. The character of Finn was a symbol for me. He symbolized all of my One Act friends. The glee club is One Act to me. Like the glee club, we are all a family, we lean on each other for support. I'm excited to see them just as much as I am my family (sometimes even more excited). Our best director in the world, Mrs. Mae, always reminds us to "Live in the Present", remember this moment. Don't get too caught up in the future that you forget to treasure this moment, right here, right now. And she couldn't be more right. Finn could have been any one of my friends. And although we wouldn't come together and sing our hearts out in memorial, I believe that we would all join together and sit on that stage that we called our home and we would cry together. We would be there for each other.

I am so thankful that nothing has happened to our family, but there is no promise that tragedy won't strike. So I'm going to learn from Glee. I don't want to end up saying "I should have". I want to say "I'm glad I did." I'm going to hold on to my memories of One Act and keep close to my glee.

My One Act Family. My Glee

Thursday, October 10, 2013

On One Strange Hallows' Eve...

It's almost scarves and sweaters time! And I cannot wait. Pumpkin flavored everything has begun to emerge, while cinnamon scented pine cones line the shelves of Walmart. Right next to the never-to-early Christmas isle. But that is a few holidays away.

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year because:
     1. I have a lot of friends and family birthdays that month.
     2. The scent of fall is amazing!
     3. The colors of fall, although in Texas, it's mostly brown. But I can still look at pictures and wish with all my heart that those were pictures of Texas. Annnd finally...
     4. Halloween! I'm not quiet sure why I love Halloween. The free-candy thing probably has something to do with it, but I think it's the memories of dressing up as a kid and having the "freedom" of roaming the streets late at night (9pm, oh yah, I'm a rebel) doing whatever our little hearts desired.

One of my favorite stories to reminisce about is the time I wore my Cinderella dress to church on Halloween. I loved that Cinderella dress. I'm told that I wore it for about two months after Halloween and my parents had to take it off of me while I slept just to wash it! But that's not my favorite part. It was a Wednesday night, and my family and I were at church. Apparently there was some sort of college group that was there that night to perform some skits, maybe on Halloween safety or something like that. Well I was just in awe of those "big kids" and wanted to be just like them. So I decided to go ahead on jump on stage with them, but that's not the worst part... What gets more attention than a little Cinderella interrupting some Halloween skits?

A little Cinderella who decides to lift her dress up and show the world her princess undies while interrupting Halloween skits.

That's right. I did it! And it seems I had no shame on the stage, because I stayed up there as long as I could. Of course, I couldn't have the spotlight to myself, so my little brother (who was dress as a pumpkin) had to stumble up on the stage as well. Fortunately for my mother, he was in a onesie and couldn't join in the fun. I have no idea how long I was up there revealing myself to the world. But as soon as some one said, "Aren't those the preacher's kids up there?", we were immediately snatched off the stage and taken to the back. Oh, did I forget to mention? My dad is the preacher of the church where this incident occurred. And he is actually still preaching there, so I guess it wasn't that bad!

So basically, I flashed an entire church congregation once. Well that is one thing that not a lot of, or any I hope, people could say.

Of course, Cameron and I were young enough to not really know any better. So we weren't banished to a dungeon or anything. But I was taught to "never show my panties to anyone ever again." And I can honestly say that I've never publicly flashed an audience ever again.

Hello, Pickel

I have this uncle, well- actually he's my favorite uncle, who is probably the one if the greatest human beings on the planet. I can remember knowing him ever since I was little. He is like a superhero! Wanna know his superpower? He can only see the good in people! His superpower is love. He is the most loving person on this earth. He gives these super awesome bear hugs and big ole smooches on the cheek that are long and very loud, but you love them anyway.

Why is he a superhero? Because he is rocking an extra chromosome, that's why! My uncle Tim has Down Syndrome. He has the mind and heart of a child. He knows no fear, except maybe of the dark, and he has no sense of bad. Everything is good to him. Food is good, all food! While he is eating, he always says, "it's good made!" Which I guess are his compliments to the chef. Music is good. He loves to listen to his old records , which include the one and only Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, and he even has some old Disney movies' soundtracks, like Snow White and The Jungle Book, on vinyl. While he is listening to any music, it's always a "pretty song" to him.

People are good. All people are good to him. No one is a stranger to Tim. He'll give strangers his famous bear hug! Because he doesn't see that they are different or strange. They all have two eyes, a nose, and a mouth, so what's the difference? They are the same as family to him.

Growing up with a family member with Downs has been, well, wonderful. Tim is the life and joy of the family. He has shown me how to truly love, because it's really not that hard. All you have to do is open your arms and give someone a big bear hug. He doesn't see the the color of skin, or the different social class, or the different religion. He just sees a person. And he knows that all people need to be loved. 

So why is this blog post called "Hello, Pickle"? Well, being a four-year old at heart, Tim likes to make up words. Like chicken-goat. Now I've never seen a chicken-goat in real life, but apparently he has, and Tim knows what he is talking about. He also says things like "Monkey-tree" and he'll occasionally ask for a "mustard sandwich." Just mustard. Although he never eats one, because we've made him a couple. His favorite way to answer the phone is "Hello, Pickle!" Which is probably my favorite way to be greeted.

We all need to try and be more like Tim, only see the good in people. No judgement. There's enough of that in world.

So I'll say this, "Hello, pickle and goodbye, monkey-tree!"

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Strong Women, Inspiring Girls

So I just read this amazing article and I think you all should read it. It is about a woman who is a breast cancer survivor who was asked to do a photo shoot in Paris to share her story.
Here is the link and the video. Please read and/or watch!

The Light That Shines

This is an amazing stories to cancer survivors and women and girls everywhere. We need more women like Jill to look up to, rather than those air-brushed models. Not saying that all models are bad people, but they aren't the type of women I would want my future daughters to look up to. We need to be proud of our bodies and who we are. We should never try and hide our scars because they make us who we are.
Just a little food for thought. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Lazy Girl Fashion

I like fashion, but I just don't have the time, energy, or money to look freakin' adorbs all day, everyday. So I've complied a few looks, thanks to Pinterest. These are looks that I like to call LazyGirl looks. Why? Well, number one, they are super comfy. Number two. You could take as little or as much time and effort you want with these looks. Number three. They won't completely break the bank.

The first Lazy Girl Look:

polkadots & coconuts

So here's an extremely comfortable look, that is perfect for when you are running late to class on a chilly fall morning. Some skinny- No, let's be real, those are jeggings. I recommend American Eagle denim jeggings, because not only do they look like real jeans, they are also very comfy and look good with any outfit. Next is the sweater. A somewhat oversize sweater that is a little tight around your wrists. Those are my favorite. Its like a wearable hug! I really like T.J. Maxx's selections. They are very cute, comfy, and cheap. (Something I like to call the 3C's). Any infinity scarf will do, just make sure your colors do not clash. All you need is some cute flats, or even some boots, and a cup of coffee and you're ready to conquer the world.

Lazy Girl Look number two:

Cozy Yah

This is more of a sporty look. We all have our favorite hoodie that we love to wear. So here's a look that will flaunt it. (Pst... You don't even have to wear a shirt under it!) All you need you super adorbs hoodie. Those awesome jeggings and some killer sneakers.
I really love this Popover Hoodie from Aeropostale. They are usually very comfy and really durable. I have had a peacoat and really warm zip up from them that have lasted me years.
On the jeggings, I love to roll up the pant legs about two times to get them off of my ankles. It has become a habit of mine and I don't wear them any other way now.

And last, but never least Lazy Girl Look, number three:

Cozy Yah
This is a really simple, but classy LazyGirl look.
Perfect for a day where you wanna look cute, but you don't really have the time. Just throw on your favorite long sleeve shirt and pair it with a cute scarf! And I believe that every Girl needs to own at least one pair of toms.
See how simple it is!?

Every Girl needs a few emergency LazyGirl outfits for those days where you either don't have time or you just wanna sleep for 10 more minutes. Have fun with these outfits and know that you always look good with a smile!

*All outfits come from Polyvore. I do not claim to own these graphics.