Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hello, Pickel

I have this uncle, well- actually he's my favorite uncle, who is probably the one if the greatest human beings on the planet. I can remember knowing him ever since I was little. He is like a superhero! Wanna know his superpower? He can only see the good in people! His superpower is love. He is the most loving person on this earth. He gives these super awesome bear hugs and big ole smooches on the cheek that are long and very loud, but you love them anyway.

Why is he a superhero? Because he is rocking an extra chromosome, that's why! My uncle Tim has Down Syndrome. He has the mind and heart of a child. He knows no fear, except maybe of the dark, and he has no sense of bad. Everything is good to him. Food is good, all food! While he is eating, he always says, "it's good made!" Which I guess are his compliments to the chef. Music is good. He loves to listen to his old records , which include the one and only Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, and he even has some old Disney movies' soundtracks, like Snow White and The Jungle Book, on vinyl. While he is listening to any music, it's always a "pretty song" to him.

People are good. All people are good to him. No one is a stranger to Tim. He'll give strangers his famous bear hug! Because he doesn't see that they are different or strange. They all have two eyes, a nose, and a mouth, so what's the difference? They are the same as family to him.

Growing up with a family member with Downs has been, well, wonderful. Tim is the life and joy of the family. He has shown me how to truly love, because it's really not that hard. All you have to do is open your arms and give someone a big bear hug. He doesn't see the the color of skin, or the different social class, or the different religion. He just sees a person. And he knows that all people need to be loved. 

So why is this blog post called "Hello, Pickle"? Well, being a four-year old at heart, Tim likes to make up words. Like chicken-goat. Now I've never seen a chicken-goat in real life, but apparently he has, and Tim knows what he is talking about. He also says things like "Monkey-tree" and he'll occasionally ask for a "mustard sandwich." Just mustard. Although he never eats one, because we've made him a couple. His favorite way to answer the phone is "Hello, Pickle!" Which is probably my favorite way to be greeted.

We all need to try and be more like Tim, only see the good in people. No judgement. There's enough of that in world.

So I'll say this, "Hello, pickle and goodbye, monkey-tree!"

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