Monday, October 7, 2013

Lazy Girl Fashion

I like fashion, but I just don't have the time, energy, or money to look freakin' adorbs all day, everyday. So I've complied a few looks, thanks to Pinterest. These are looks that I like to call LazyGirl looks. Why? Well, number one, they are super comfy. Number two. You could take as little or as much time and effort you want with these looks. Number three. They won't completely break the bank.

The first Lazy Girl Look:

polkadots & coconuts

So here's an extremely comfortable look, that is perfect for when you are running late to class on a chilly fall morning. Some skinny- No, let's be real, those are jeggings. I recommend American Eagle denim jeggings, because not only do they look like real jeans, they are also very comfy and look good with any outfit. Next is the sweater. A somewhat oversize sweater that is a little tight around your wrists. Those are my favorite. Its like a wearable hug! I really like T.J. Maxx's selections. They are very cute, comfy, and cheap. (Something I like to call the 3C's). Any infinity scarf will do, just make sure your colors do not clash. All you need is some cute flats, or even some boots, and a cup of coffee and you're ready to conquer the world.

Lazy Girl Look number two:

Cozy Yah

This is more of a sporty look. We all have our favorite hoodie that we love to wear. So here's a look that will flaunt it. (Pst... You don't even have to wear a shirt under it!) All you need you super adorbs hoodie. Those awesome jeggings and some killer sneakers.
I really love this Popover Hoodie from Aeropostale. They are usually very comfy and really durable. I have had a peacoat and really warm zip up from them that have lasted me years.
On the jeggings, I love to roll up the pant legs about two times to get them off of my ankles. It has become a habit of mine and I don't wear them any other way now.

And last, but never least Lazy Girl Look, number three:

Cozy Yah
This is a really simple, but classy LazyGirl look.
Perfect for a day where you wanna look cute, but you don't really have the time. Just throw on your favorite long sleeve shirt and pair it with a cute scarf! And I believe that every Girl needs to own at least one pair of toms.
See how simple it is!?

Every Girl needs a few emergency LazyGirl outfits for those days where you either don't have time or you just wanna sleep for 10 more minutes. Have fun with these outfits and know that you always look good with a smile!

*All outfits come from Polyvore. I do not claim to own these graphics.

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