Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Let Your Hair Down

Growing up, I watched was and fascinated with Disney princess movies. One thing that they gave me was an unrealistic expectation of my hair. Every princess had a flawless complexion and gorgeous locks. But let's be real. Those are cartoons and no one can have flowing hair like those princesses. Let's take a look at some of those extremely unrealistic expectations:

Snow White: She runs through the triply forrest, with all those creepy trees "attacking" her. She trips and stumbles and eventually falls in sobs. She just lays on the ground, crying, and when she looks up is her hair a mess and tangled with leaves and twigs? Of course not! It looks just as good when she gets married as it does then! She never even runs her fingers through her hair.

Cinderella: She wakes up to little birdies singing in her ear and she gets up with horrible bed head. And the birds and mice are all screaming because it is terrifying! Ehh... Wrong. Her hair is perfect. She gets out of bed, "brushes" her hair like twice and takes a shower. Then she comes out, with her hair still looking beautiful, and ties her hair up with a ribbon. Now have you ever tried tying your hair with a ribbon? It's impossible! When I attempt to tie my hair I need a hair tie, bobby pins, lots of hairspray, and the ribbon. And even after all of that it still wont stay. When Cindy does it, it stays perfectly while she cleans and cries.

Pocahontas: A Native American girl, who most definitely does not own a hair brush, runs around the woods, painting with the colors of the wind along side her humming bird and raccoon friends. And her hair is never knotted or tangled. 'Nuff said. And speaking of tangled...

Rapunzel: Her hair is what, twenty plus feet long? She drags her hair behind her the entire movie. She swings from limbs and hides in it. The movie is called Tangled! And she never once stops and untangles it?

Pretty much all the princesses have flawless locks, but of course they are characters in a cartoon. But there are some major hair icons out there who are not two-dimensional. Here are some of my hair idols.

Connie Britton- gorgeous red hair. I've always wanted red hair, but alas my hair does not like to dyed and washes out within two weeks... But Connie definitely rocks her locks!


Lana Parilla: She is obviously my woman crush. She even inspired my drastic hair cut my junior year of high school. But she owns the short cut!

Source- StyleBistro
Source- Tumblr

And I absolutely love anything vintage and I love Turner Classic Movies. That is where I was introduced to Esther Williams who is my other hair icon. Practically anyone from that era is my hair icon just because I love all of their hair styles. But Esther's hair is always perfect, even after a swim!

Source- Media

Gotta love hair! But sometimes I wanna pull a Britney Spears and just shave my head and wear wigs the rest of my life. :) 

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