Thursday, October 10, 2013

On One Strange Hallows' Eve...

It's almost scarves and sweaters time! And I cannot wait. Pumpkin flavored everything has begun to emerge, while cinnamon scented pine cones line the shelves of Walmart. Right next to the never-to-early Christmas isle. But that is a few holidays away.

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year because:
     1. I have a lot of friends and family birthdays that month.
     2. The scent of fall is amazing!
     3. The colors of fall, although in Texas, it's mostly brown. But I can still look at pictures and wish with all my heart that those were pictures of Texas. Annnd finally...
     4. Halloween! I'm not quiet sure why I love Halloween. The free-candy thing probably has something to do with it, but I think it's the memories of dressing up as a kid and having the "freedom" of roaming the streets late at night (9pm, oh yah, I'm a rebel) doing whatever our little hearts desired.

One of my favorite stories to reminisce about is the time I wore my Cinderella dress to church on Halloween. I loved that Cinderella dress. I'm told that I wore it for about two months after Halloween and my parents had to take it off of me while I slept just to wash it! But that's not my favorite part. It was a Wednesday night, and my family and I were at church. Apparently there was some sort of college group that was there that night to perform some skits, maybe on Halloween safety or something like that. Well I was just in awe of those "big kids" and wanted to be just like them. So I decided to go ahead on jump on stage with them, but that's not the worst part... What gets more attention than a little Cinderella interrupting some Halloween skits?

A little Cinderella who decides to lift her dress up and show the world her princess undies while interrupting Halloween skits.

That's right. I did it! And it seems I had no shame on the stage, because I stayed up there as long as I could. Of course, I couldn't have the spotlight to myself, so my little brother (who was dress as a pumpkin) had to stumble up on the stage as well. Fortunately for my mother, he was in a onesie and couldn't join in the fun. I have no idea how long I was up there revealing myself to the world. But as soon as some one said, "Aren't those the preacher's kids up there?", we were immediately snatched off the stage and taken to the back. Oh, did I forget to mention? My dad is the preacher of the church where this incident occurred. And he is actually still preaching there, so I guess it wasn't that bad!

So basically, I flashed an entire church congregation once. Well that is one thing that not a lot of, or any I hope, people could say.

Of course, Cameron and I were young enough to not really know any better. So we weren't banished to a dungeon or anything. But I was taught to "never show my panties to anyone ever again." And I can honestly say that I've never publicly flashed an audience ever again.

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