Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This Room is for Two?

Being a college student (which is still weird, but exciting to say), I have to deal with the normalities of college life. Adjusting to class schedule. Community bathrooms, which are not as bad as everyone thinks. Cafeteria food, but thankfully our "World Famous Bean" is pretty good... And roommates. 

I was pretty excited and nervous about rooming with someone I didn't know. It was like a guaranteed friend, right? In my case, NO. It's not that we hate each other or that we just don't  get along, we don't even talk! It's still awkward walking into my own living quarters to see this other person sitting on the opposite bed. Our conversations are very shallow and surface level; "Hi, how was your day?" "Good, what about yours?" "Good." That's pretty much the extent of our communication, unless it's about an assignment for a class. Pretty exciting, isn't it?!

I had all of these plans that we would stay up late talking about our lives and feeling that we've known each other for ages. I imagined that we would both wander around campus together, two little fishies trying to make it through the first week of college. I thought we would get up together and go eat breakfast and talk until we had to part ways and go to our 8am classes. I know that it might be foolish to think that my college best friend would be delivered through going pot-luck, and I told myself that. But deep in the back of my mind, I believed that would happen.

Don't get me wrong, I like my roommate. She's really nice and we both are very respectful of each other's spaces, but I just wish we had a deeper relationship. The good thing is that we both try and go to bed early, which I love, because I need my beauty sleep! And since we aren't always talking, I am able to do my homework in my room. Which is good, because I am pretty much acing all of my classes. So there have been some good things that have come out of this awkward situation. I am truly thankful that we do not hate each other or talk behind each others back because I have heard so many girls trash talk their roomies and complain about hating them. I think that is so awful! I'd rather be in my room than have any of those relationships.

I will continue through this next semester and learn from this first year. I will try and change the things I don't like and be grateful for the things I do like. Maybe I'll meet my next roommate in one of my classes or perhaps I've already met her! No matter what may come, I will be in charge of the outcome. I will not just sit and complain without trying to do something about it! We all are in control of our lives, so do something about it.

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