Friday, November 1, 2013

Everybody's Watching You

Have you ever wondered what other people thought of you? Do you ever feel as if someone was watching your every move? Or people are talking about you?

I know for a fact that people watch me. People judge me. And people talk about me. Whether it's good or bad or indifferent does not matter to me. Or at least it shouldn't. While in UIL Prose/Poetry, I was taught that as soon as I walked into the speaking room I was being judge. The judge was taking notes on each speaker and how professional they were when they weren't speaking. In theatre, I heard over and over again, "Somebody will always be watching you." Basic theatre lesson: Even if you are not the main focus on stage, remain in character because someone is watching you. Someone is waiting to see if you make a mistake or drop your character. Always remain in character. But that is true in everyday life. People are judging everyone, everywhere.

Everybody is watching you. Your friends, your colleagues, the little girls at church. People will look to you. You are someone's role model. So don't do anything stupid or something you'll regret later. Very cliché, I know. But as the lyric from If/Then says, "It's cliché, which means it's true."

Someone is reading this. Someone is judging this or forming their opinion about me. And I, or anyone else, cannot stop that. But I can control what is being judged. I can choose whether it is my positive outlook being judged or if it's my bad attitude. I control what I put out there for people to see, so why not make it positive?

A little food for thought.

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