Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'm so ashamed… My Secret Love

Growing up in a small town, we Fredericksburgians were some what deprived of things, such as a shopping mall, a movie theatre (one was open for a short amount of time, and rumors are that it's re-opening), a selection of restaurants, and pretty much any thing fun to do.

If we wanted to go school clothes shopping, we would have to drive at least an hour to go to San Antonio for some decent clothes. If we wanted to see a new movie, we would have to drive to Kerrville to go to their movie theatre. We only had 5 "fast food" restaurants; including McDonald's (which was okay), Sonic (the place to be after school), Churches Chicken (I don't recommend it), Dairy Queen (No one wanted their food), and Subway (actually we had 3 Subways, why? No one knows!)

So in our neighboring town, Kerrville, we were offered a lot more options and usually our go to fast food chain was Taco Bell. I liked Taco Bell, that was my favorite "mexican" fast food place. I always got two soft tacos and maybe an order of nachos. I know what you're thinking, "Those aren't nachos, those are chips with fake cheese sauce!" Friends, fake cheese sauce is way better to me than actual cheese!

Anyway, I was really excited to move to Abilene when I realized that I would have more than two "fast food" options! Being the poor, broke college student that I am, I don't go for healthy, I go for cheap! Obviously Taco Bell was the best option. Not only that, but they offer a student discount!! How cool is that? So My friends and I would always choose Taco Bell. And that's where my love for the cheap "mexican" food began to bloom. No matter what, I'm always down for Taco Bell. I know that it's definitely not the best thing for you, but how can I resist?

So that's my secret and shameful love. Whenever you ask me what I'm hungry, you'll know it's TACO BELL.

We even were Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packets for a Halloween party. And guess who won best group costume? That's right, Taco Bell did!!

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