Tuesday, December 10, 2013

First Semester

Wow. It just does not even seem real. Yesterday I was packing up for the big move to Abilene, and today I'm packing to go back to Fredericksburg for a month. I'm not sure which to call home anymore. When I'm in my dorm, I think about my nice warm room back at my house. But sometimes when I'm in Fredericksburg, I just can't wait to get back to school. I can't imagine how a month "back home" is going to be like. Of course, we are not just staying in Fredericksburg. We are going up to Garland for Christmas to visit my grandparents and an aunt and uncle and a cousin. Then we are continuing up north to Edmond, OK to visit my other grandmother and the entire Mac LeFan family! All of my dad' s brothers and his sister and all of their families and their kids and even their kids' kids!! At least 20 people under one roof! And I'm soooo excited.

Now back to this week, today I took two of my finals. Bright and early this morning I wrote an essay for my English final and then later I listened to my science professor give his "farewell speech". He really does mean well, it's just his voice and the subject matter is so boring I just think "maybe if I bang my head hard enough on the table, I'll die…" every time I walk into that classroom. Thankfully, he does not believe in tests so we did NOT have a final! Hallelujah!! Tomorrow, I have the day off of school seeing as I do not have any finals. But I do have to go to work. (Mehh!) It's not that it's a hard job, I basically babysit, but it really is very unorganized and I'm the one who is sent to different schools when a regal care counselor is sick or gone and fill in. I am thrown into new situations everyday! No one respects me and I usually have no idea what is going on, but hey, that's most of the time!

Anyway, Thursday I have Cornerstone at 8am where the final is a podcast and a six word memoir. Both of which I have done!! Except I'm a little worried about the final podcast because it was supposed to be 5 mins, but mine is only 4:36, and thinking about it now, I probably should have made it a little longer. But I ain't going to worry about it now, it's already submitted. Besides, I'm just hoping for an A in this class, not a 100. I think I'll be good. Then I have a Bible final which is a 50 question, multiple choice exam. But I'm not too worried because I have a 107 in that class now and he basically told us that the questions are coming straight off of previous tests and quizzes, which I have aced! Then I have an optional Business exam, but I still have an A in that class as well so I'm going to skip it and go to work (Yay…) instead so I can go home early.

Looking back now, I have realized how blessed and extremely lucky I was this semester. I was eased into this whole college process. I didn't have any terrible classes, Science was the closest but it was never hard or stressful, just boring. I had amazing professors! And I never once felt alone or scared about anything. I'm so thankful for this semester and for the friends I'm making. I'm thankful for the little communities I have found on campus. I am extremely grateful for my two besties on campus, Brittney and Michaela (Shout out). I have no idea what I would have done without them! Again, I am extremely thankful for this school and the people who have worked so hard to get me here (teachers, counselors, PARENTS). And of course, where would I be without my faith. Now I'll admit, I haven't hit rock bottom or have been in many of my personal dark crevices, and I'm no where near to what I would want my relationship with God to be, but I know that without Him and His grace, love, and mercy, I would not be where I am today.

So basically: I'm done with semester one. Grateful, thankful, never hateful. Bring it on, Life! Hit me with your best shot!!

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