Thursday, December 19, 2013

Looking Back

I’m on my Christmas break for school and I am completely bored out of my mind. So I decided to take a moment to pause and reflect. Something we all should every now and then. I mostly focused on this blog and how far it has come and how much it has changed since I first started it. At first, I thought I would have nothing to write about, and that I would just comment off of things I had seen on Pinterest. I thought that I didn’t have anything to offer this Internet world and even if I did, it would not matter. Who cares about the opinions of a teenage girl, right? I was kind of afraid to start it because of what others might think. The phrase “Once you post something on the Internet, it can never be removed” began haunting me. What if I accidentally posted something stupid or embarrassing? What if I became a laughing stock? So I decided to keep things simple by basically reposting things I had found on Pinterest or any other website that I had found interesting and write a few of my comments on the subjects.

But as time went on, I began to open up and write more freely about my feelings and opinions. I had also discovered a certain passion for writing. Not necessarily a passion for academic writing or rhetorical analysis, but for a free and creative type of writing. I learned that I especially enjoy writing reviews of anything really.  As you can tell, I have written at least three reviews of some of the live productions that I have viewed and I enjoy writing my opinions about each of them. Maybe if this whole business plan does not work out, I could go back to school and get a journalism or English degree and become some kind of critic or something along those lines.

Pause and reflect. Not something that I do very often, but when I do it sheds a different light on something I would have totally missed otherwise. It opens my eyes to new perspectives on certain subjects and helps me see the whole picture. I hope that I can do this more often in the future to help shape and mold myself into the strong woman I aspire to become someday. I know that I am on the road. I’m not sure which road that is, but I believe that with moments like this one, I will soon discover the answer.

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