Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Vow to You

During my English 111 final essay, I had to write about my writing process and whether or not I feel like I have improved. I mentioned that I had started a blog since beginning the class and then it dawned on me. My essay grades began improving after I started the blog! This free writing and blogging had unleashed my creative juices and allowed me to add my personal touches to my essays to make them more relatable and personable. Even if it was a slight grade improvement, but an improvement none the less, I accredited it to Hello, My Name is Girl!!

So I urge you, fellow readers, (Whether the audience numbers are great or small), to do your own creative and free writing. It really helps relieve some stress or just jumbled up thoughts in my brain and helps me release some tension building up. You can either write poetry, short stories, songs, or even a blog! It doesn't matter what you do, just try it for a week. Take some time to sit down and just release whatever is going through your mind at that moment and write!

Now here's what I'll ask of you and I will give you something in return. 
I ask that you, dear reader, please give me some feed back. Comment a smiley face or something. Just please let me know what you think or what your opinion is of whatever I have written about. And I vow to write more frequently and consistently.

Also, if you happen to start a blog, email me your link and I will gladly read it! Because I enjoy reading blogs and I know how much it can affect your day with a positive comment on your post.

So please, take the time to consider what I have said and I hope to hear from y'all soon. (That's right, I'm from Texas).

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