Saturday, December 28, 2013

Progress. Well, Sort Of

Progress, well sort of

Well it has been about two weeks since I have committed to working out everyday. Now I confess that I have struggled lately with the holidays and traveling. On Friday the 20th, I did not work out at all because we went shopping the first half of the day and then I was "kidnapped" by two of my friends that I hadn't seen since we all left for college. Needless to say that catching up with friends was more important that evening. Then on Sunday, the same thing kind of happened. I was supposed to go work out after I had gotten my nails done with my friend, Chandler, but then we got a call from another member of the Fab Five inviting us to one of our ice cream shops to all meet up with our director and her daughter. There went my plan for working out that afternoon and our gym is only open till 5 pm. So I took a"little rest" by doing some leg exercises and a much needed stretch session.

Monday I took action and went to the gym for close to three hours! Because I knew that the next day would be nearly impossible to work out due to the fact that we were traveling that whole day. And then there was Wednesday, Christmas. I planned on doing a few stretches and some floor exercises at my grandparent's but after all the food I inhaled, I fell asleep instead.

Thursday was another travel day where we headed up north to Edmond, OK for our big family Christmas. At one point we had 22 under the same roof. I knew that I would be too busy catching up with cousins and aunts and uncles to find some quiet time and space to workout, which is fine because family time is important. But I have to say that the stairs in that house are killer and I was always running up and down them chasing the little ones. So does that count?

Today is Saturday and I have been in the car all day since 9:30. So that have me time to wind down and blog on my iPad. Unfortunately I couldn't upload the pictures that I wanted to use, other wise this post would have been up sooner. At first I was disappointed in myself for basically stopping my continuous work outs because I was so focused on "trying to get fit" and "never breaking focus", but then I realized that spending time with friends and family is way more important than two hours at the gym, (or in your room with a towel). I'm human, as are most people I know, and as humans, we make mistakes. We have slip ups  and loose focus sometimes. But I cannot let that discourage me from achieving my goals.

I was listening to the radio recently and heard one of the radio announcers talking about diets and counting calories. They mentioned how Carrie Underwood uses an app to count her calories and keep a log of what she has eaten. Then they talked about how she has to keep track of heat she eats because she doesn't get full like most people. She said that she could just eat and eat and not realize how much she has eaten. They said that she recently went to Italy and spent about a week or so there and she had said that she gained about 8 pounds just because she wanted to try everything. And for some strange reason, that gave me some comfort to hear that some one that I look up to slips up as well. Because we are humans, even celebrities.

Even with that hectic week, I have been experimenting and trying to find some of my favorite exercises on Pinterest. The top three are what I like to call my "Carrie Underwood Leg Workout" because she inspired me to become a more healthy version of myself; my "Easy 15" arm workout; and the "Victoria Secret Model: Ab Workout". But seeing how I am picky and I don't want to embarrass myself at the gym, I only do the first half of the leg and I do all but three of the ab workouts.

VS Angel: Abs

Carrie Underwood: Legs

Easy 15: Arms

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