Thursday, December 5, 2013

Why Elle Is a Role Model

Probably the most iconic "chick flick" movie known to mankind is Robert Luketic's Legally Blonde. I personally like Legally Blonde: The Musical the best, only because I am a theatre geek. Of course none of these Elle legends would even exist with Amanda Brown's novel. Although I have heard that it is nothing like the movie or musical. Elle doesn't have an "ahh-ha" moment and she basically mopes about Warner the whole book. The story of a college girl and her miniature dog who is obsessed with pink and Warner Huntington III who follows her guy to Harvard initially to win him back, but does something even more incredible. Elle Woods is not only the epitome of "girlie", but she goes on a journey of self discovery to figure out that you can do and achieve anything you put your mind to.

A couple of reasons why I love Elle. One. She is afraid of nothing. Her confidence is glowing and contagious. When she realizes that she has to follow Warner to an ivy league school, she doesn't wonder if she'll get in. In fact, it's quite the opposite. She is determined to be accepted, even when her advisors and own parents frown upon Harvard.

Two. She doesn't follow the stereotype. She started off as the "typical blonde", but she was determined to get what she wanted, so she studied hard to get into Harvard. While there, Elle actually showed that she was intelligent and that she could become the smartest one in her graduating class. She ended up graduating as valedictorian of her class.

Three. She is a hard worker. Getting into Harvard was no picnic either. She worked her butt off! And then, in order to prove to everyone that she isn't a dumb blonde, she and Emmet studied and worked hard to raise her grades and get the coveted internship with Callahan.

Four. She is true to herself. "Being true to yourself never goes out of style." Elle earned the coveted Valedictorian spot, not by conforming to the status quo, but by remain and embracing who she truly was. A girl with a passion for helping others. She used that passion to drive her to learn more about the law and to make the top grades.

Five. She is the greater person. When Vivian tricked her into thinking the party was a costume party, Elle totally played it off cool. She wasn't completely embarrassed and humiliated. She did turn around and run home. She embraced the situation and made it work out to her advantage. She never backstabbed Vivian or Warner, she never played dirty. She was always the fair and honest person and look where that got her.

And six. Of course, we cannot forget her great sense of class and style!

So thanks, Elle, for teaching us how to continue to be classy and confident in this world.


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