Sunday, December 15, 2013


I am probably the last person to be talking about "getting fit" because I rarely have a continuos workout routine. But last week I had emailed my dad and told him that for Christmas I wanted a "healthier lifestyle." In other words, I wanted us to start working out everyday for the whole month that I am home. I got home Friday afternoon, but they didn't know I was coming early. So we didn't get to go to the gym. Then, Saturday, my dad had to work on his sermon for the morning and we had tickets to go see one of our theatre's Christmas specials, so we were again unable to get to the gym. Honestly, I thought that he had forgotten, but during the intermission of the show he leaned over to me and said, "Hey Court. What time do you want to go to the wellness center?" We agreed on 3pm and that was that.

Now, lately I have been reading a lot about Carrie Underwood, mostly to see what her comments are about the reviews of The Sound of Music: Live, but I kept coming across all of her health and fitness articles. But let's face it, she has one of the best figures. Although that didn't just happen overnight. I read that after Idol, she had decided to get lean and fit because she was concerned about the critical remarks that some people might have about her body. She didn't want them to have anything to pick at. She hired a personal trainer, changed her diet and was on a strict workout/eating routine. She quickly dropped at least 20 pounds and has continued that lifestyle since.

I was basically inspired by her because I believe that she is a great role model and an inspiration. Which kind of sparked this whole "healthy lifestyle" ordeal. Well today was Sunday, and my Dad and I managed to keep our agreement. Today marked the first day of our "training." I have been pinning a lot of different work out routines off of Pinterest, and today I mostly did cardio. That included the elliptical and bicycle machines because I am not fond of running, but I want to try and get back into it.

Anyways, there are a lot of different styles of exercising, and I am no expert at any of them. But I do feel that I can say this: Getting in shape is not an instant thing. You may notice a difference within a month, or you may not even see any results for a year. It all depends on you and how hard you are willing to work. I believe that we all need some motivation in our lives, whether it be from a picture taped to your mirror in the bathroom or a personal training who is always pushing you to go harder. If I had the money, I would definitely choose the latter, but I don't. So that is why I asked my dad to do this with me. I needed someone to hold me accountable and the same goes for him. What I hope results from this is that after I go back to school, we are in the habit of doing this and will not need someone always reminding us to go to the gym.

So this wasn't a post about my work out routine, because I haven't got one yet. This isn't some before and after piece that shows results after three months of hard-core exercise. This was just a post about my fitness life and how I am trying to improve it and become a better version of myself. I also write this to help keep myself accountable so in a month I will try and blog again about my improvements in my fitness and healthy life. Fingers crossed!

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