Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Years' Craft

Well, I said I would so here it is: My New Years Resolutions Craft. I found an old and torn song book while moving books for my parents' office and immediately thought of my Pinterest "Crafty" board. So I asked if I could have it, seeing as it was torn and tattered and very outdated, and took it home. Then I bought a canvas board from Walmart.

I first pasted whole sheets of music on the canvas as a background. Then I cut up strips of the pages (focusing on the notes and bars) and just glued them down in random spots, covering most of the whole pages. 

I covered the canvas in multiple layers of Mod Podge. Then I printed out "Be BOLD" in the font that I liked and cut out the letters using an exacto knife. I used that as a stencil and painted "Be" in black. I painted "BOLD" in the Mod Podge paste and sprinkle the silver glitter and let that dry. I did a few touch ups where needed and then it was complete!

These two words will remind me to be bold at the gym, be bold in relationships and in other situations, and be bold in my relationship with God.


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