Saturday, January 18, 2014

Things Are Looking Up Here

Wow. It's been a while since I have posted anything lately. I have been doing pretty well on my resolutions. I have been trying to follow my new motto, "Be Bold" and it's working pretty well.

So here is the scoop on my life in 2014. After much hesitation and contemplation, I have bought my plane ticket to Orlando Florida to audition to be "best friends with" Snow White at "the happiest place on earth!" on February 13th. I was very skeptical in actually going, but I decided to pull a YOLO moment and go for it. What could I loose? Although I was worried about telling my mom. I told her after I bought the ticket so the deal would be done. I thought that she would be upset at the least. I was worried that she would be condescending because it's not a "real job" and that if I did not get it, which I know is a very likely chance, I would have just wasted my money. I was going to tell her like the week of the auditions, but it was eating me up. I felt guilty even before I had purchased the ticket. I ended up telling her the day after because I just couldn't take it any more.

And you know what? She was totally cool with it, and little stunned at first, but now I think she is actually excited. I know it's not the perfect situation, but I would much rather my daughter run of to Disney World and waste her money there than some Spring Break trip to Mexico. I think her excitement has made me excited rather than anxious. And I now know that instead of worrying about it, I should be celebrating. Whatever happens, happens. I should just appreciate the whole experience of being there and auditioning.

My reaction if I got the best job in the world!!!

Now that I am actually going, I feel like I am seeing signs of good fortune. My bible study leader is going to Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon the weekend after I will be there. I found out that my friend's cousin works and is "best friends" with Ariel, Merida, and now Anna. We are going to stay with her and she has given us some really great tips. And, because it is a small world, it turns out that she actually knows one of my cousins! I guess it is that whole "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon" thing. (If you don't know what that is, I encourage you to Google it) I took that whole coincidence as a good sign and a sort of encouragement for me to just go with it. Also it seems that everywhere I turn, I hear that people are going to Disney World. My boss, and girl that sits right behind me in a class, my high school's dance team. I mean everyone!

Taking this chance is just another way of me "being bold"! Now that I have thought things through and gotten some encouragement from the mother and some sort of supernatural force that has produced all these signs I am totally stoked for this short trip!

Also on a different note, I was offered an amazing job here on campus, I was able to resign from my current job very easily and on a very good note, and all of my classes are going fairly well. If that ain't a good start of the year, then I don't know what it.

"Things are definitely looking up here in Duloc." - Shrek the Musical
Very cheesy, but entertainment nonetheless.

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