Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Less Than 20 Hour trip to Florida

As I mentioned before, I had planned a very short trip to Florida to audition for a face character at the great Disney World. My plane left for Orlando at 7:00am from the little Abilene airport and we landed in around 12:00. Michaela and I waited around, nervously for about two hours, trying to kill time by wandering around the airport, going to the different souvenir shops. Then at 2ish we caught our very first cab ride to the Animal Kingdom Rehersal Studio for our audition. Although the info sheet for the audition said there is no need to arrive earlier than 3pm, we got there a wee bit before 3 and we are sure glad we did! There were 60 girls in front of us, and the number only got bigger as time went on. There were close to 400 beautiful girls at that audition. While in line, we meet a reall cute and really nice girl from Orlando. Her name was Amelia and this was here first time to audition as well. We were handed numbers, mine was 61, and then we were in line to measure our height. After we were measured, we were all smooshed into a gym-like room and we sat and mingled with the other girls. We waited for quite a while until one of the audition officials took us in groups of 50 to th casting room. Since they were overwhelmed with girls, they decided to reverse their order of the audition process and instead of teaching us a small dance routine and then look us over, they looked us over first and cut girls there. And I mean it was a drastic cut. Out of the 50, they only kept 4 girls. Unfortunately I wasn't one of the like 4. 

After the audition, we exchanged numbers with Amelia, and she offered some very up encouraging words and a place to stay if we ever came back. I think we definitely had a real connection with her. It is so weird how you can randomly meet someone and have this magical like bond that you know will last. After she left, we went to Downtown Disney to eat, celebrate our journey, and go shopping until a friend who we were staying with picked us up. We splurged on our dinner at the Fulton's Crab House after we watched a Canadian high school dance team perform. We walked around and shopped at the World of Disney store.

The audition process itself wasn't worth the plane ticket, but meeting Amelia and then staying with a friend who is a current cast member as a character definitely made up for it. She told us a lot of great information that encouraged me to audition again soon! She was super sweet and really an inspiring girl to be around, even though we only saw her for a couple of hours. She got off at 8 and then had a party at like 9:30ish. Then we had to sleep and run to catch a cab to the airport at 6 in the morning. We barely made our flight because the cab was late and then there was an issue with our boarding pass, but we didn't stress out over it because there's really nothing you can do about it, so why work up a sweat over it? But we made it just in time to grab a delicious blueberry muffin for breakfast and hop on board. We landed in good ole Abilene at 11:25 and was picked up by our friend, Britt. 

All in all, my 20 hour Florida consisted of many wonderful memories that will last me a lifetime. Just the fact that we went and were on our own was exciting enough. Plus I have one more "fun fact" that has been added to my list. It was a wonderful trip and I would totally do it again.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Frozen Layers

Well this past week was really crazy, weather wise. From Thursday to Saturday, the temperature ranged from 10 degrees to about 65 degrees. There was 3 inches of snow one day, and then everyone was wearing Nike shorts the next. But that's Texas weather for ya! So with the freezing temperatures, I found myself wearing a lot of layers. Like a lot! So here are a few cute, frozen layers I have found.

1. Riding boots and boot sock, ( let's just face it, they're leg warmers). You cannot go one day at ACU without seeing at least ten girls wearing riding boots and leggings. But when the wind chill is negative 6, you're gonna want something a little more thick. Jeggings or skinny jeans are always the perfect go to in those cases.

2. Pea coats. I prefer a medium length pea coat, it is long enough to hang over your waist line so the wind can't get up under your coat, but it is not too long that it will cover your pants/leggings. Black is a classic color, but it shows EVERYTHING. Lint, hair, and everything else that gets on a coat. I really want either a heathered gray or a patterned one. But which every color or pattern you choose, you can never go wrong with a pea coat in your wardrobe.

3. Next, I love the layered sweater look. It is chic, but very warm and cozy. Plus, you can always mix and match which adds multiple outfits to your closet, without loosing that much space. :) I like the denim button-downs with a softer color sweater.

4. And most importantly, scarves and hats/ headbands. I know that when the wind is blowing 20 mph I want something covering my ears. But when that something is cute, it makes it ten times better. I personally love the knit hats and headbands, but the fleece ones are just as warm.

So that's what I was wearing the past week, besides Saturday where I broke out my Nike shorts and tee shirts.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Countdown to Disney

I have exactly 5 day, 3 hours, and 44 mins until my first ever Disney audition. I am so excited, but completely nervous. There is really no way to prepare for one, especially since I have never been and I don't know exactly what to expect. Sure I have watched all the YouTube videos about girls who have auditioned, but most of those girls in the video never make it past the first round and that's really no no help at all.

I have been listening to my Disney Pandora station to get me psyched for the trip. I have been pinning like crazy to my Disney Diva Pinterest board. And I've also had a lot of bad/weird dreams about the audition. Last nights dream included Michaela and I missing our audition because we thought we had enough time to go to Magic Kingdom. Another dream was that we showed up and they handed us dresses and told us good luck and they sent us on our way with no further instruction. These dreams are freakin' me out cause when I wake up I have to tell myself that it isn't February 13th.

At first, I didn't want to tell people I was going because it does sound a little ridiculous. Ok, it is absolutely ridiculous! The chances are extremely slim and I feel like I have gotten people's hopes up. But I know that that shouldn't matter, it's my audition, not theirs. Anyway, after telling the girls at my bible study and my youth group at church, pretty much everyone who would care knows. So I'll either have to let them down with a disappointing Facebook status, or keep them in suspense until I can see them in person and give them the details.

One of my favorite surprises had to be included in the package I got last week. My mom had told me that she had mailed me something the day before and that I should look for it within a couple of days. I figured it was a Valentines day card or something. Well it definitely was "or something". I get a huge, heart covered box handed to me at the post office window. I opened it to find two bags of cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, Valentines socks (which I am wearing right now :) ), stickers and other goodies. Then Michaela starts freaking out as she pulled out a Snow White Barbie doll!! That was seriously the best gift/ surprise ever!!! I loved it ! She is now on display above my bed until the audition. I am debating whether or not to take it for good luck, but I guess it depends on how much room is in my carryon bag.

So all of that to say this, I am super excited for February 13th!!
Wish me luck!