Sunday, February 9, 2014

Frozen Layers

Well this past week was really crazy, weather wise. From Thursday to Saturday, the temperature ranged from 10 degrees to about 65 degrees. There was 3 inches of snow one day, and then everyone was wearing Nike shorts the next. But that's Texas weather for ya! So with the freezing temperatures, I found myself wearing a lot of layers. Like a lot! So here are a few cute, frozen layers I have found.

1. Riding boots and boot sock, ( let's just face it, they're leg warmers). You cannot go one day at ACU without seeing at least ten girls wearing riding boots and leggings. But when the wind chill is negative 6, you're gonna want something a little more thick. Jeggings or skinny jeans are always the perfect go to in those cases.

2. Pea coats. I prefer a medium length pea coat, it is long enough to hang over your waist line so the wind can't get up under your coat, but it is not too long that it will cover your pants/leggings. Black is a classic color, but it shows EVERYTHING. Lint, hair, and everything else that gets on a coat. I really want either a heathered gray or a patterned one. But which every color or pattern you choose, you can never go wrong with a pea coat in your wardrobe.

3. Next, I love the layered sweater look. It is chic, but very warm and cozy. Plus, you can always mix and match which adds multiple outfits to your closet, without loosing that much space. :) I like the denim button-downs with a softer color sweater.

4. And most importantly, scarves and hats/ headbands. I know that when the wind is blowing 20 mph I want something covering my ears. But when that something is cute, it makes it ten times better. I personally love the knit hats and headbands, but the fleece ones are just as warm.

So that's what I was wearing the past week, besides Saturday where I broke out my Nike shorts and tee shirts.

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