Friday, July 18, 2014

Too Fast

There is a girl who I thought I truly knew.
We were in school together, but as we grew
Our ideas became different and so did our views
On morals and safety and guys to pursue.

Do we give in when he asks? Or offer it first?
Should we take things steady or dive in head first?
I knew my answers and we even conversed
On how we would handle things when love had emerged.

It is sad to watch the said friend deeply fall
In love with a guy whom she knows nothing at all.
All she sees is a screen, reads a text, answers a call.
She's barely spent time with him, yet continues to crawl.

She is falling to fast and doesn't know to slow down.
What happens when he leaves or stops coming around?
What will she have left after he decides to skip town?
After he leaves, in her tears she will drown.

I pray that she knows,
I hope she is smart.
I wish she would follow her brain instead of her heart.

There is a girl who I thought I truly knew,
But that girl is doing things I never thought she'd do.

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