Thursday, August 28, 2014

You've Got Talent

Before I left for my sophomore year at college, I went a little "AGT" crazy. I watched pretty much the entire new season of America's Got Talent in two days, (except for the finals because they are not uploaded yet >:( ) After watching all of these kids who are super talented, I could feel that little green monster, Jealousy, and his blue side-kick, Despair, crawling around in my stomach. As I watched all of the contestants perform, especially the younger groups, I began to feel disappointed in myself for not "having a talent" that could be showcased on America's Got Talent. But then I realized, everyone has a talent. EVERYONE. We all have something special that sets us apart from everyone else.

No, not everyone has a talent that can be performed in 90 seconds on television. A person with exceptional writing skills cannot be out on a stage and expected to entertain an audience by writing a poem in one sitting. Watching someone write is not exactly breathtaking. So no, the talented writer would not receive three yeses and continue through to the next round. But, when an audience member gets a hold of that author's work, that piece could affect that person in ways a performance could not. The author's work could change the reader's life because it is permanent and lasting, unlike a 90 second act.

A mathematician's talent is definitely not entertaining, at least not to me, while singers are pretty much one third of the world's entertainment. But I can almost guarantee you hat the math equation or algorithm that helps improve the latest iPhone update or the newest smart phone feature way more than a pop song that makes number one for a week.

So here's a reminder to you, your talents, what ever they may be and even if you don't know what they are yet, do not have to be able to be performed in 90 seconds in order to be called a "talent". Your talents will affect the world in ways no one could imagine. You can decide if you want to contribute to today's society in improving the world with whatever talent you have.

It's your choice, will you step onto the stage?

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