Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hair for the Fall!

It's Fall!! Well technically, it was fall on September 23rd, but the weather here would say otherwise. But now a cold front has blown in, whether the weather will stay or not is unclear, but the chilly weather has sparked some fall fashion ideas. I have been looking at Pinterest for different color ideas for my hair because I'm always up for a change. So here are some of my favorite hair coloring ideas for the fall.

Dark and Caramel:

I am absolutely in love with these colors! I still like the ombre style, especially with the long layers. The warmer, darker colors are perfect for this fall weather, but it still has that summer style. Great for the the transition of seasons! Plus, the beachy waves are always gorgeous.

Deep Reds:

Red is definitely a fall color. Especially this deep red, maybe with a little more brown. I also love the cut on the right. The hair color on the left is also gorgeous. It has the perfect blend of reds and blondes that layer together beautifully. It makes you want to wrap yourself in a scarf and peacoat in preparation for the cold nights.

Overall, I think darker colors are perfect for this Fall weather and I am super jealous of people who can wear every color for every season. These are just some of my personal favorites and maybe some inspirations for the future. But as of right now, I'm a broke college student who can barely afford Sonic, so a full color is definitely out of the question. Hopefully sometime in the near future!!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Making History: Big Fish the Musical: UPDATED

Tonight, October 10th 2014, was the opening night for the collegiate premiere for the musical Big Fish! My school, Abilene Christian University, was the first college/university to produce the new musical the recently ended it's run on broadway. I didn't realize how important this opportunity is until I realized, "We are the first!" This production might just set the standard for all of the future colleges and universities in the future! How awesome!?

My input to this historical event was to be a dresser, a person who helps actors with costumes, quick changes, wigs and basically anything else. It is a lot different than something I have done before. With stage managing, the actors would come to me. With lights, there was hardly any contact with the actors at all except for some lighting notes. But while being a dresser, I was running to my different assigned actors making sure they were ready, costumes were perfect, and wigs were straight. I was there for them! I have a 30 second quick change with Sandra, the lead girl, and I am pretty sure tonight it only took 15!! How's that for a first time dresser! ?

Opening night went great! Everything ran smoothly, I only caught one minor mistake and that was a missed sound cue that is not necessary so the audience will never know, nor will the cast and crew remember tomorrow. Other than that, it was amazing! The audience was alive and responsive tonight and we could feel their excitement from the wings. It was an awesome experience.

I am not sure what it is about this show, but it has either inspired me or just filled me with a little bit of jealousy because from the moment I walked in to rehearsal, I wanted to be a part of their world. I wanted to be able to be on stage with them, and I had never met most of these people in my life. The others, I was just barely aquatinted with. Something came over me that night, and has infected me, once again, with the acting bug. Not just tech, I want to be on stage. Now I don't want to perform for a living, but I want to be able to. I'm homesick, and not for my house back in Fredericksburg, although I do miss it. I miss the stage. 

So thank you, ACU's Big Fish for driving me to do something crazy and audition for the theatre department. I hope I'm ready! Here we go!

Oh, here are some links to the some of the coverage we got! gives you a backstage look with one of the character's "Zachy!". Let me just say he was awesome to work with. Always smiling and always cracking jokes. You will definitely want to check this out! Be sure to watch both of the Zachy Files, Part 1 and Part 2! This article also covers some of the cast as well as the directors and  how ACU produced the Collegiate Premiere of BIG FISH.

Also, get a First Look at some of the photos from the beginning rehearsals for the shows!

And here is some of the University coverage, The Optimist, but that is just one of many, so look around!!