Saturday, November 8, 2014

Decorating for the Fall

Even though the fall weather has recently arrived here, our dorm has been decorated for while. Nothing to big or fancy, but still some fall colors everywhere. Here are two of my little creations that are proudly displayed in room 301.

Happy Fall Banner
I love burlap! It can go with almost anything. So when I found a burlap banner on Pinterest, I knew I had to have something like it in my dorm. Here is what I cam up with.

It is really simple and very cute. You really only need 3 materials.
1.   Burlap Banner. I found my burlap banner at Hobby Lobby and it was already cut. But if you cannot find a similar one, I’m sure you can find something and tweak it to your desired banner style.
2.   Paint. I bought orange, yellow, red, brown, and black. Although I didn’t use the black.
Paint pics
3.   Leaves (optional). I had some left over leaves from another craft (see below) and figured they would make the perfect end pieces. I just tied them into the banner.

Fall Vases
I also came across pictures of the glass bowls full of leaves and pine cones and other fall items. That inspired me to create my fall vases.

They were really easy and super cheap.
 1. Glass Bowls. I found mine at Dollar Tree
 2. Leaves. The leaves I used were from some of Walmart’s fall foliage in the craft department. I believe they are meant to be stuck in already existing plants or something. They come on a “twig” and are bendable, but I just cut off the little knob that was holding the actual leaves on them and pulled the leaves off.
3. Other Fall Foliage (optional). Since I knew I couldn’t find pine cones, I bought two little bouquets of fall twigs and leaves to stick into the vases.
4. Paper. I crumbled up paper and put it in the center of the vase and then surrounded it with leaves. This gives it volume and the appearance that it is full.

These are pretty easy and fairly cheap. Perfect for the beautiful colors that come with the fall.

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