Monday, November 24, 2014

Doggie Winter Essentials

Well it's almost winter, and in some parts of the nation it's actually cold! But here in Texas, its probably 60 degrees. Which is fine because it's not blistering cold, but I would like to wear my sweaters that I pulled out of storage more than once. But as the cold approaches, we need to remember our pooches. They get cold too! Here are some winter essentials for our furry friends.

1. Sweaters
If your dog is smaller and has a thinner coat, then they will definitely need an extra layer when they are inside. Just like you wear long sleeves and flannel PJs, doggies need their warm clothes too. They get cold just like you and me. They don't have to be fancy, but they should fit properly. Not too tight and it should cover most of their back.

2. Coat
The sweater may be enough for some dogs, but sometimes a knitted sweater just doesn't cut it. Your pooch needs something that will protect them from the wind while outside.

3. Warm Blankets
Your puppy will love you for giving them an extra blanket to snuggle up in. They love to bury themselves in warmth. Just be sure you check in the blanket before you sit down, they may already be curled up in it. I know Sunny, is always hiding in her blanket. She gets so comfortable that she refuses to come out when she's called.

4. Doggie Booties
If you live in a place that has constant snow and ice, you may want to consider getting your dog some protective paw wear. That ice and snow can really hurt your dog's paws, especially while walking a lot outside. They may even get a small case or frost bite if not taken care of properly.

5. Food Mats or Elevated Bowls
You need to place your pet's food and water bowls on either some mats or have them elevated because the floors get cold in the winter and may freeze or make your pet's water and food really cold for your pooch to eat or drink.

Those are a few winter essentials for your puppy and remember that since your dog is probably spending more time inside that you need to take them out for longer walks to get their exercise. Also consider getting them a smart toy or busy bone to keep them from getting bored and turning to your furniture for a chew toy.

"A girl should never be denied their dog." - Legally Blonde the Musical
Be sure to hug your pup this week!

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