Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank You

Today is Veterans Day. A day where we take the time to thank and honor those who have risked their lives and those who are risking their lives for our freedom and for our country. I personally do not fully understand the sacrifices that our military and their families make everyday. And I know that others do not as well. But that shouldn't stop us from showing gratitude and thanking them every opportunity we can.

When I was Disney World in 2013, we were in Epcot near Snow White's wishing well and there was a long line in the middle of the road but no princesses or characters to be found. As we got nearer, I saw who was at the front of the line. There was this tiny old man in a wheelchair with a flags on both handles of his wheelchair and he was proudly wearing his World War II Veteran hat. I almost burst into tears as I watched each person approach him and shake his hand, thanking him for his service. I wasn't able to meet him because he and his family were leaving. But I thanked God for him and all of our other veterans for their sacrifices for our freedom.

I just wanted to take the time to thank all of the people that I personally know who have either served, are in the military now, plan to be, or are family of those who are in the military:
My Uncle Dale and Aunt Terri
Amy and her Husband
Codie and Brittney

I visited The National Museum of the Pacific War this past summer. Visiting that museum was an eye opening and great experience. Even though it is in my home town and I pass by it nearly everyday, I've only been twice. I take it for granted, one of our nation's favorite WWII museums and I just pass by it, never remembering it's significance.

I hope I don't pass by people who've served and take them for granted. I hope that I at least recognize them.

Let's not take our freedom and our country for granted. Let us remember and honor those who are protecting our rights.

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