Thursday, December 11, 2014

DisneyBounding for Disney World!

If you don't know or are not familiar with the term "DisneyBound", then I suggest that you stop right now and check out Leslie Kay's tumblr and educate yourselves. DisneyBounding is basically wearing clothes that resemble a Disney Character. My best friend, Michaela, and I went to Disney World for a week for our graduation. We were definitely going all out! That included DisneyBounding every day that we were there!

We were so excited! Of course we are students and just paid for a trip to Disney World, so our clothes budget was a little slim. The outfits are not as extravagant as we would have liked but we were complimented on them by cast members, which made it worth it!

Day One: Cupcakes

Our flight left in the morning, but we live an hour out of Austin, so we had to get up really early to be there on time. But that didn't squash our excitement! We had ordered these super cute disney cupcake shirts from Cakeworthy. Michaela was pink, more like Minnie, and I wore the traditional red, black, and white, like Mickey! All of the cast members loved our shirts! In fact, while in line for the Toy Story Mania at Hollywood Studios, a cast member grabbed us out of line and took us to the front so we could ride! We probably skipped 30 mins of wait time, all because our shirts were adorable!

So tip: wear unique Disney apparel.

Day Two: Disney Fans!

For our first day in Epcot we just expressed out Disney obsession! That's pretty easy to do. I got my Disney shirt from Old Navy and Michaela got hers from the Disney Store. Obviously, Disney apparel is not hard to find. Disney pride is every where!! Our day in Epcot is where we did our Princess Lunch in Norway! That place was delicious and we got to meet a lot of the princesses during the lunch!

Day Three: Pooh and Piglet

For our Animal Kingdom day, we dressed as Winnie the Pooh and Piglet. Our pictures turned out really cute! Especially the ones of me and Pooh Bear! He was so excited to see that we matched! We had a great day! Michaela was a little sad that she didn't get to see her twin too, but we bought ice-cream to make up for that!

Day Four: Mickey and Minnie Day!

This was our first day in Magic Kingdom, so we had to celebrate in style! I was the classic Steam Boat Willie Mickey Mouse, hint the gray and black. Michaela was Minnie Mouse, with her pink and polkadots. Michaela had also found these really small beaded Mickey ears and all of the princesses commented on them! Rapunzel had said that Pascal was looking for some ears and those would be the perfect size!

Again, wear unique Disney apparel.

Day Five: Princess Day!

Our second day at Magic Kingdom. We were our favorite Disney Princesses. I was Snow White and Michaela was Ariel. We also wore our specific princess pins on out shirts just to add more to our outfits. When we met Ariel, she noticed that we were dressed like her and Snow and she told us how they are best friends and Snow always gets her a pearl for her birthday. And each year she can add another pearl to her necklace! Ariel was by far the best meet and great experience!

Day Six: Mike and Sully

For our last day, we went to Epoct again to do the future world. We were Mike and Sully from Monster's Inc. We were sad to see it end, but we had a blast!

So for your next trip to Disney, try DisneyBounding. It really makes the trip that much more fun! Especially when you can meet the characters that inspired your outfit!

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