Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Guilty Pleasures: Tia & Tamera

I am not big into reality shows, but I have found myself constantly searching for the Mowry twins on Oxygen. It is a reality show, but their drama isn't serious about who slept with who or anything up to that standard. Their drama is centered on what all siblings fight about. Not communicating with each other, maybe keeping a secret for a little while, or maybe being a little bit jealous of the other's job or opportunities. But they always work it out!

Tia and Tamera are CRAZY. But they are so much fun to watch! The show obviously follows the sisters' lives as working mothers and their crazy antics. If your looking for a reality show but hate all the  drama and yelling and screaming, then I recommend Tia and Tamera. I know that they do marathons on Oxygen and I am pretty sure that is where the new shows air as well.


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