Friday, December 26, 2014

UPDATE: Major Change

For those of you who previously read Making History: Big Fish the Musical, you know that I was inspired to audition/ interview for Abilene Christian University's Theatre Department. And I am proud to say that last Friday, I received my acceptance letter!!

So now, as soon as I get back on campus, I have to go through the process of changing majors. I am a little nervous, but I am very excited! I will be studying what I truly love and have a passion for. Studying business, I was just trudging through classes. Nothing really excited me or sounded interesting. But just in my intro to theatre class, I loved every minute of it. Everything we discussed or read about just sounded amazing to me. That in itself says something.

I love working with theatre people and I am extremely excited to be studying and  learning along side them as well. So, *raises invisible glass*, here's to new changes and big steps!

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