Friday, January 30, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Fandom Accessories I Own

As a part of the Female Geek Bloggers, here is my Fandom Friday post… As you know, I love all things Disney and Harry Potter. I love a lot of things, but I don't have any accessories except in those two subjects. Here are my five favorite fandom accessories.

1. My Disney Backpacks

Yes you read that right. I have two Disney backpacks. My comic book one, I got on my amazing graduation trip to Disney World. I was looking for a different one that I had seen other guests have and I thought I loved it. But I could never find it. Then, I found this one in a store and what sold me was the laptop sleeve. I think I am the only one at ACU with this backpack, so it's pretty neat. My denim backpack is from one of my best friends, Hannah, and I use it for vacations and traveling. 

2. My Harry Potter Wand

I was very fortunate to go to Harry Potter World in Universal Studios a few years ago. It was there that I bought my Luna Lovegood wand. My family made fun of me, but I have "used" it a number of times. For Halloween parties and even some pep rally themes. Most people are jealous because they are just carrying a stick. Mine's "real"! Haha

3. My "Steamboat Willie" Plush  

While at Disney World, I also purchased a small plush doll of the black and white Mickey Mouse, also known as Steamboat Willie. I bought him to go on my bed in my dorm room because my colors were gray, coral, and teal. He blends in perfectly! 

4. My Snow White Keychain

I have a little Snow White keychain that is hooked onto my school backpack. I like it because it reminds me of my audition for Snow and for all the people that supported and still support me every time they see the keychain and say "You should definitely go again, you look just like her!" Thanks for believing in me!

5. My Hogwarts Crest Jacket

Also from Harry Potter World, I have a black zip up Hogwarts jacket. It's kind of big, but very comfortable. I just don't normally wear it because my dog is white and I hate having a lot of dog hair that shows. But I usually always bring or wear it to the movies, which is weird I know, because it is so big and I can curl up in it. Plus, people always compliment it. 

So those are my favorite fandom accessories. Do you have any!?

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