Friday, January 9, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: My Favorite Things About Winter

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My second 5 Fandom Friday and it is about Winter! I really love the thought of winter. You know, the way that Christmas movies portray the winter. The white snow, friendly towns, and the Christmas songs in the air. But in reality, I hate freezing when walking across campus and then having to shed all of my layers when I enter the buildings, then having to put them all back on one hour later. It's a hassle. But, enough about my bickering, here's my top five favorite things about winter, and I will try to exclude things about Christmas because that is a whole other topic.

Things I Love About Winter:

1. Blankets. 
I love needing to wrap myself up in warm blankets to go to sleep. There's something that's just so cozy about a pile of blankets and fuzzy throws. I love snuggling on the couch under my blankets and taking naps all curled up. 

2. Fires.
I like fires in fire pits and fireplaces. Fire pits have that smoky smell that is somehow comforting. You can cook hot dogs and s'mores over a fire pit and they just seem to bring people together. Fireplaces warm up homes and have that glistening glow that is very peaceful to just sit and watch. 

3. Coats
In the winter, everyone breaks out their pea coat. I love coats, you can wear the same one all week and no one judges you. Also you can cover up a not so cute sweatshirt with a very adorable coat and no one will know! 

4. Hot Chocolate
I am not a coffee drinker, but I really like chocolate. And I feel like I should have something warm in my hands while I'm walking between classes. So the winter gives me an excuse to drink hot chocolate all the time!

5. Family Time
The winter brings friends and family together. Not only because of all the holidays that occur during the winter, but because people want to stay inside and stay warm. Families seem to spend more time inside together during the winter. I believe that the cold brings people closer. Literally and figuratively.

So there's my five favorite things about winter, excluding Christmas of course!

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