Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Years Party Ideas

We threw a New Years Eve party and we went all out. We strung lights and paper lanterns in the living room. We had streamers in the kitchen above the food. Wine bottle decorations galore! And we even had a "photo booth"! So I will quickly give you a brief overview of some of the crafts and ideas that we had for the party.

Photo Prop Holders:

We wanted our guests to have easy access to the fun photo props that we found at Target. It also came with a fun back drop!
We bought two glass bowls with wide openings and then two bags of black sand at dollar tree!
Obviously, your pour each bag of sand into each container and then stick the props in it. Very easy and it looks really good!

Wine Bottle Crafts:

Wine bottle DIYs are really easy once you get the labels off.
I soak my bottles in hot water and then use Goo Gone and scrub until all the sticky is off. Then comes the fun part.
I paint the bottles vertically so there are less lines and I find it easier to cover the whole bottle. Make sure that you wait until the paint is completely dry before starting your next layer of paint. If you don't, then it will come off in clumps and make the bottle uneven and rough.
To cover it in glitter, I mixed the glitter with Mod Podge and then dabbed the bottle with a sponge brush.
Then you let your bottle dry. It's that simple!!

Photo Booth:
I have a camera that has the photo strip option on it, so we set up a tripod in front of our backdrop. With our photo props close by, our guests simply had to press the shutter and grab their props! We also had a sheet for our guests to put down their email addresses so we could email the photos to them later. No printing costs required!

Those are pretty much our "big" crafts that we made, but I will probably make another post about our party soon because I know that I have left out some stuff. Have a great New Year!! Happy 2015!

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