Sunday, January 4, 2015

Oh Look! Another Wine Bottle Craft!

Yes! Another post about what to do with an empty wine bottle. I actually enjoy painting objects, not necessarily making "art", but being crafty. So this is just a little "look what I made" blog post that I hope gets your creative juices flowing.

Wine/ Sparkling Cider/ Glass bottle
Paint Brushes
Colored Sharpies
Twigs/ Sticks

Step One:

Get your bottle and remove any labels and sticky residue on it. I used hot water and Goo Gone and scrubbed the bottle until it was smooth. Just be sure that there is nothing on the bottle that will make the paint chip off or clump up.

Step Two: 

Layout your newspaper so you don't get paint on the surface of your workspace. Paint the bottle your desired color. You will probably have to do more than one layer, so make sure that each layer has completely dried or else it will clump up and rub off the bottle when you are adding the next layer. 

Step Three: 

After you've finished painting and after the bottle is completely dry, take your sharpies and draw whatever image you would like on the front of your bottle. I went to Pinterest and searched "doodles and sketches" for some inspiration. I chose a tree, not only because it was easy, but because I was planning to put twigs in the bottle and use it as a decoration.
Just a tip when you are using the Sharpies, be easy when drawing because the marker may scratch the paint or pull it off the bottle. You will probably have to go over your drawings.

Step Four:

Arrange your twigs and sticks the way you want them in the bottle and then you are DONE!!

See? Super easy!! Enjoy.

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