Friday, February 27, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Would Name My Pets After

The original topic was characters I would name my children after, but I already have names that I like and can't bring myself to add any more. Plus, it's more likely that I would name animals after characters anyway. I am a dog person, so most of these names would be for dogs. But I also really like fish, I guess cause they are so calming to watch and what not. So either fish or dogs, it doesn't really matter.

Ok, here we go…

1. DiNozzo- German Shepherd.
I used to be obsessed with the show NCIS, and there was an episode with a german shepherd that has always stuck with me. Since then, I've always wanted a german shepherd named after Anthony DiNozzo. It would have to be a boy dog, and I would probably end up calling him Dizzy, because I like two syllable names for dogs.

2. Snow White- Westie.
Of course I would have to name a dog after the Disney and the OUAT character, Snow White. And of course, the dog would have to be white! I think a smaller dog would suit this name.

3. Mickey and Minnie- either a pair of Boston Terriers or black and white fish.
I don't really have a super strong or passionate reason, but I really like the idea of a pair of animals with those names.

4. Regina- black cat.
Even though I am not a cat person, this is a perfect name for a cat. It's also my favorite character off of Once Upon a Time.

5. Baloo- English Bull Dog
I love Baloo, he is just a big ole teddy bear. And bull dogs are the same way.

So that's pretty much it. Mostly Disney characters but who cares. That's what I would name my animals. Have a great day!

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