Saturday, February 21, 2015

Inspirations from William Carlos Williams and Langston Hughes

I'm in this amazing english class with an awesome professor. American Literature after 1900. At first I thought it would be just another english class with a lot of reading and then analyzing the texts, and we do that, but our professor is so great that it just feels like discussions. He doesn't have to pull teeth to get us to talk. He also is very good at making you feel like your comments and suggestions mean something. He never puts down anything or make anyone feel like they are wrong. Which makes the class feel like a safe environment, at least to me. 

Anyway, this class has actually made me like writing poetry and I thought I would just share a little bit with you. The first two are modeled after Williams' "This Is Just To Say" poem about eating the plums. And the others start with one line from poems by Hughes. 

This Is Just To Say
this is just to say
I'm sorry about your fish
I took him for a walk
but it didn't go so well.

I'm so sorry
I'll get you another beta.

This Is Just To Say
this is just to say
I'm sorry I'm not your business major
that my passion doesn't 
offer security or money.

But it's my life,
and I'm happy doing what I love.

"In the Lonely Night…"
In the lonely night
I walk past the clubs.
In the lonely night
I hear the music pour out.
In the lonely night
I see all the lit windows.
In the lonely night
I hear all of the chatter and laughter.
In the lonely night
I see the shadows of friends enjoying each other's company.

As I turn to look back on the empty street
I realize the night in not all that lonely.

"I, Too, Sing America…"
though my voice is soft and quiet.
I still have a song in my heart.
Some days, I hum. Others, not a sound.
I'm still writing my song, America.
But one day, you will sing along.

"I am your daughter…"
I am your daughter. Please do not forget me. 
Do not loose me in your "no child left behind" systems.
Do not stick me in a classroom, overflowing with unwanted students.
Please stay with me until the end. 
Do not pass me along.
Teach me.
Teach me to learn.
Let me create and discover. Grow and dream.
The desire to learn is there. Just give me time.

We are your children. Please don't forget us.

So those are just a few that I have jotted down during my free time or while in class. Enjoy and hopefully you are inspired by great authors and poets to write as well.

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