Monday, February 23, 2015

Send Me Up!

I love heights! I've always loved heights. I am basically an adrenaline junkie. I've been bungee jumping and I've done the nation's largest human sling shot. I want to sky diving soon, but I have a feeling that I will enjoy the bungee jump better.

You know that feeling you get while on a roller coaster, and it's been clicking it's way all up to the top of the drop. Then it slowing begins to even out when all of a sudden it turns and you drop and there's that awesome feeling in the pit of your stomach!? I. LOVE. THAT. FEELING.

So lately I've been working on two shows, The Marvelous Wonderetts and a fairly new play called V is for Violin. The latest show is a drama about the effects of a photo taken in Africa. It deals with some pretty heavy content and can be considered a dark show. I've not seen it in its entirety, but will see it soon. Then I will write my humble review on it. But, I was able to meet with the playwright, which was a pretty awesome experience. Brittany Taylor is great! She is a fun person to be around and loves talking about her experiences so far and her faith.

Anyway, back to the heights. For Wonderettes, I'm up in the catwalk, which is about three stories up and can only be reached by a ladder. Fortunately, the ladder is broken up into two parts, otherwise, my legs would be on fire even more! And most people hate begin up there, but I love it! But it doesn't give me nearly as much thrill as some other things because there are a lot of rails and it doesn't really feel all that high. I'm not so big on safety. Sorry mom :)

I also had to go up in the Genie, which is like a small electric cherry picker on wheels, to go a focus the lights. So basically, I was on the stage as high as I could possibly go, while this guy wheeled me around from light to light. It was a little shaky, but I kinda like that. The only thing that sort of worried me was the slight fear that I would be wheeled off the stage.

V is for Violin is produced in our little black box. So the lights are hung up on "the grid". Which is basically a series of poles that are criss-crossed about two stories up. And that's pretty much all there is, with the exception of a few boards that are laid around to walk on. This week, I was up on the grid for a couple of hours, balancing around, trying to move some lights and batons to hang curtains on. I really liked that, cause it was a lot of dangling legs and leaning over trying to reach poles in weird spots.

So whenever someone needs to focus lighting or hang curtains, "Send me up!"

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