Monday, February 9, 2015

The Liebster Award

I just found out I was nominated for the The Liebster Award, which is an award given from one blogger to another. My nomination came from a fellow blogger, Ali at the [unrefined] sweet life. I am so honored to have even been considered as a nomination. So a BIG THANK YOU to Ali (and James)!!

Here are the rules:

So here are my eleven fun facts:
1. I have an extremely squishy forehead. Like I cannot make myself have wrinkles by raising my eyebrows. It's really squishy and one of my friends has asked me to will my forehead to him.
2. I cannot make my front teeth touch. Only my molars in the back touch. You can't really tell unless I show you. And yes, eating is a little more difficult, but I manage. 
3. I flew out to Florida for less than 24 hours to audition to be a Disney Princess! Read about that here.
4. I fell out of a 15 foot tree when I was little, but by some miracle, my mom just happened to be there and caught me. We still aren't sure how that happened. So a big shout out to the Man Upstairs for watching over me!
5. I threw my camera away, (that had about 400 pictures), in a trash can in Times Square only to remember that an hour late. But, I managed to find the exact trash can, and  dug it out and saved all my pictures. And I didn't even get dirty!
6. I've performed at Bass Concert Hall in Austin, TX in front of thousands of people. 
7. I usually don't like to be out too late, I'd rather go to bed. Because that's how much of a wild child I am.
8. I am a PK (Preacher's Kid).
9. In the 8th grade, I thought I was super cool and "goth" because I owned a pair of zebra skinny jeans. And I shopped at Hot Topic. What was I thinking?!?
10. I love steak and mashed potatoes.
11. I try my best everyday to live for and like Jesus, and although I fail, it's worth the journey knowing what's waiting for me at the end.

And here are the eleven questions that Ali asked:

1.  Why did you start blogging?
I've always enjoyed writing, and I've always wanted some feedback. So I figured the best way was via the internet. Once I started blogging, I was addicted. And I began writing how to's and DIY's. I enjoy all types of posts.

2.  Since beginning your blog, what has been your biggest success?
I'm not sure this is a "success" but my good friend and fellow blogger, Brittney at The Military Wife Life, and I have been in constant contact since we both began blogging. Giving each other tips, and her helping me out- like all the time- and writing for each other. It's been great!

3.  Congratulations! You’ve won $5,000 on a scratch off ticket. How will you spend your winnings?
To be honest, I thought that was a real thing. Haha, but I would either pay off some of my student loans, or use it all on a trip to NYC to see as many Broadway shows and eat at all the nice restaurants possible.

4.  What is your favorite book? Why?
The Harry Potter series, because those were the books that got me to read. My favorite is between The Sorcerer's Stone or The Chamber of Secrets.

5.  Describe your style. What are 5 pieces that you think everyone should have in their closet?
My style changes a lot. Right now, I'm into big cardigans and sweaters. I also have this pair of black high waisted skinny jeans that I would wear every day, (and I almost do), if I could.

6. What is your guilty pleasure movie and snack?
Legally Blonde. And my snack is a family size pack of the Reese's Minis.

7.  If you were making the perfect ice cream sundae, what would it consist of?
I'm not a huge fan of ice cream sundaes. I don't like nuts or a lot of syrup. So I'll list some of my favorite flavors; Cookies-N-Cream, Dutch Chocolate, Krazy Cookie Dough, Peppermint, and Mint Chocolate Chip.

8.  In a box of 96 crayons, what color would you be? What is the name of the color? (i.e. Macaroni & Cheese Orange)
I love the blue Cerulean.  I find myself using it all the time, and I consider blue my color.

9.  Name three things that help get you through the day.
My Pandora Broadway Station
Blueberry Muffins
Sweet Tea

10. What is your signature dish to bring to a get-together/party?
Uh, I don't cook so I'll bring the cheese dip! Haha

11.  Name one milestone (goal) for your blog that you’d like to reach in 2015.
To get an average of 50 views a day.


So here are my eleven nominees:
Jessica at The Pyreflies
Sierra at Bookyum
Rebecca at A Book Long Enough
Sead No One Ever
Sarah Glam Granola Geek
Melissa at The Crafty Frugaler
Jessica at 1-2-3 Neat & Tidy
Kim at Kim Speaks Up!
Jessica at The Sweetest Thing.
Nora at The Petite Mrs.

And here are their eleven questions:
1. If you could be a type of animal, what would you choose?
2. Where is you're favorite place to read?
3. What is your guilty pleasure movie or TV show.
4. What is the first book you remember you couldn't put down.
5. What is your favorite song at the moment?
6. What is your sleeping position?
7. When did you last step outside? Where were you and what did you see?
8. Please explain the name of your blog.
9. Pick one. Fly or breath under water. Why?
10. What is the first thing you think about when you wake up?
11. What do you want to accomplish with your blog?


  1. Thanks for the nomination :) I love that someone asked you to will your forehead to them hahaha. Loved reading your answers!!

    1. You deserve that nomination! And ya, the forehead thing is pretty funny. Can't wait to read your answers!