Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Become a Doer

It's Earth Day. You know what that means? My hippie, planet loving self emerges once again. Something I've noticed lately and what has been brought up in my awesome English class, is that this generation (yes, my generation) is a very passionate generation. We do care about certain issues, as you can tell by all of the hashtags and Facebook shares. But do we do anything?

We ask a lot of questions, but do we ever get around to answering them?

We share links on Facebook and Twitter, saying that this issue is unjust or that we support this movement, but do we do anything about it? Do we go out and join the peaceful protests? Do we leave our computers to go and vote on issues? Instead of sharing, we should be doing.

Now sharing and tweeting isn't bad. It raises awareness, which is great. One of the greatest examples I can think of is the infamous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Yes, I did one too, as I am sure you or at least someone you know did as well. What was the purpose of dumping ice on our heads? Something that is not as publicized it the raising money part of the ALS, you had to donate as part of the challenge. Did everyone who posted their 20 second ice video donate? Probably not, but others did. The ALS foundation received triple their average annual donations within two months!

So yes, tweeting and sharing and reposting is good because it does raise awareness. But being aware isn't enough. I think most of the planet is well aware of global warming and the hole in the ozone layer, but are we all jumping up and doing something to fix it? Not everyone is. If everyone is aware of something, but no one is doing anything about it, then it's like no one is aware of the problem.

I guess my whole point is don't just share something on Facebook or tweet about something on Twitter, do something about it. Become active in those issues that you are passionate about. If you love the Earth, show it. Become a plastic free house hold or at least recycle at home. If you are an animal rights activist, instead of buying that new puppy, adopt an older dog that may not have another chance with a new family. If you are passionate about anything, make us aware of it by not only saying it, but showing it!

Actions speak louder than words. Becoming a doer instead of just a sharer.

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