Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How You Know It's Time To Change Your Major

So, you're in college. You went in with this awesome major (or so you thought) and you are just not feeling it. You are in the middle of the second semester of your first year, and you have no desire to go to any of your classes. You're thinking, "I thought I was good at this." "I thought this was what I wanted." Well, maybe that major isn't for you.

While a business major, I had a plan, or at least an idea of what I wanted to do. Although first semester was mostly basics, I did take an Intro to Business class. And I absolutely hated it. Right off the bat. Nothing that the professor talked about sounded interesting to me. And every career path that was mentioned sounded terrible. A plant manager? Entrepreneur? Corporate salesperson? Nothing interested me. That should have been the first clue. But, I thought that since it was a basic overview of everything business related, I wasn't able to dive in and learn more about each aspect. Wrong! If I didn't like the introduction to any of those topics, what was I going to do in a semester of accounting or operations management?

Thankfully, I finally was at a point to where I knew I needed to make a change. A major one. And now I found a major that I enjoy and that I am passionate about. Who cares if theatre is looked down upon as a career. I'm doing what I love and that's all that matters.

So here are a few signs that you may need to explore other major options:

1. Your intro classes bore you
When you are taking an introduction class to the subject that you plan to study for four plus years and you don't like the intro class, that is probably a sign that the subject is not for you.

2. There isn't one of your major classes that you enjoy going to
While a business major, I never woke up for an 8am saying "YES! Time to go to business statistics for an hour and a half!" or "I can't wait for that accounting class!" I didn't have the drive to attend any of my business classes. Now, I can't wait for my theatre classes. I get up early and go to class early just because I enjoy being there!

3. None of the numerous suggested careers interest you
Every class that pertains to you major talks about career choices in that field. You may have a guest speaker come and talk about his career, or you may listen to your professor talk about their previous jobs. You are exposed to countless career options. If none of those options sound the least bit exciting, that may be a sign that you need to choose a different major.

4. When people ask you what your major is, you either respond hesitantly or unenthusiastically 
You know that question? The one you are asked probably a million times before you even get to college. "What's your major?" Well, how do you answer it? Are you super excited to tell them that you are an early education major and then continue telling them what you plan to do with that? Or do you just say, "Oh, I'm biology"? And that's the end of that. My friend, Michaela, and I were talking about my major change and she said that she could tell that I was never excited about being a business major because I would always answer, "Oh, I doing business", in the most melancholy tone. And now I have turned a 180 when talking about my classes and major. I think that may be a subconscious sign that you are not truly happy about your major.

5. You long to be somewhere else
Are you jealous of your friend's classes? While you are sitting in chemistry, do you wish you were taking your friend's American Lit class? Do you just want to get out? It may be time to switch. I know I was always wanting to take theatre classes, just for the sake of taking them. I wanted to be where the theatre people were.

These are the signs that I totally missed when I needed to change my major. I hope these can help you get your life together.

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