Friday, November 27, 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Black Friday Wishes

I am not one to do Black Friday, it almost disgusts me how much people can get into it and become vicious animals trying to get a tv that is on sale. Especially the day after we sit around and talk about what we are thankful for that we already have.

I had to go to Walmart last night because my mom needed some medicine and we had run out of milk. It was pretty terrifying. They had rearranged everything and I had no idea where anything was. I was almost run over by shopping carts loaded with TVs and other electronics. Twice. So I am not a fan of Black Friday. But if I were to do the crazy shopping day, here would be the 5 general things I would go for.

1. Books
I like buying books, even though it may take me a year to get around to read it. Right now, I am eyeing the Mary Poppins Collection, mostly because I just finished working on the musical. But I also want to read them to see how vain and crazy Mary actually is. I would also like to read some of them to my kids one day. I also would look into plays and books on theatre, because why not?

2. Music
I live off of music. And unfortunately, my car is too old for an auxiliary cord and too new for a tape player so I have to used CDs in my car, which isn't bad. It just takes up a lot of storage. So I am always looking for some CDs that I can jam to while driving home.

3. Tickets to see Broadway shows
That's a given. Right now, I want to see Hamilton, Spring Awakening, and Sylvia. But I would literally take anything I could get.

4. Disney Movies
I just want my collection to be complete. I do have a lot of them, but waiting for the older movies to come out of the vault can be antagonizing. I know I need Snow White, Lady and the Tramp, and some more of the older classics that I just missed.

5. Stuff for my dog that I think she needs
I am obsessed with my little dog, Sunny. She appears on the blog occasionally because I like to write how I spoil her. I am addicted to buying her new collars and leashes and harnesses. I like buying her toys that she will never use, and bones that she can eat in two days. I also like buying her sweaters because they are cute and she actually does need to wear them because she'll freeze otherwise. Even though she doesn't live with me, I still go to PetSmart in Abilene just to look. Which reminds me, I haven't been in a while :)

So those are my 5 general wishes for Black Friday, even though I do not partake in it.


  1. I put pet stuff on my list too! Jen and I have 2 kitties, 2 birds, 2 rats and 1 snake, and we found a GREAT rat cage, bigger than what they have, on sale online so we grabbed that! Yay, online Black Friday deals!

    1. That's so cool! Sounds like a full house. Thanks for reading.

  2. Oh yes to books & Disney movies! Or fandom related stuff. I admit that I don't compute good with crowds shopping, so I keep it online for the most part.

    1. When I was trapped in Walmart I kept repeating "Don't touch me." "People are crazy." and "This is why I hate people." It was terrible. I like the online stuff too.

  3. Magically acquiring Hamilton tickets would be the best! Instead we'll have to wait until they're available in April. Yikes!

    1. I know, bummer. And they are still super expensive. I saw tickets that were over $2,000! I love theatre, but not that much. Thanks for reading!