Who is Girl?: About Me

So, who is this Girl? What's she all about?

Well, my name is Courtney from little Fredericksburg, TX. I am a senior attending Abilene Christian University and I'm about to graduate and go into the real world. I grew up in FBG, with my younger brother and my parents. I'm a PK (Preacher's Kid for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about), but I consider myself pretty normal, I mean you won't ever see me on Girls Gone Wild or anything like that.

Right now, I have an idea of the direction I would like my life to go, but we all know how well the universe likes to go along with our plans. I am a theatre major with a minor in business. I am focusing on stage management because I love serving and that is the position I fit in best. But, again, we will see how that plays out.

Why did I start this blog? 
I've always enjoyed reading blogs and have always wanted to start my own. I also believe that writing consistently gives you an advantage. It keeps your creative juices flowing.  Since I'm not very good with the whole diary keeping thing, I figured if I had a blog, I would hold myself accountable to continue writing. Plus I love creating things in hopes that others would enjoy and share my creations.

So that's me, I am Girl.

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